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          Wellcome to

          THE BLUE LYON Events, a world class Luxury Destination Wedding Planner company based in Italy ROME, MILAN in Europe, and in MIAMI, producing high end, international luxury weddings, exclusive and celebrities events.
          THE BLUE LYON has been awarded one of the 80 élite Luxury Destination Wedding Planners of the world, and on Top in Italy Specialists in the global luxury event market, we design and plan intimate or large scale "Event and Wedding Experiences" for discerning brides, private individuals, corporate agencies, leading brands and Public Institutions.
          "I strongly believe that excellence is the finest way to create emotion. Our process is bespoke, rich of creativity, professionality and passion. It is a method we have honed for more than a decade and it ensures that every event we design and produce will be a stunning success. Nothing is ever left to chance. This is your Wedding or Event Experience."
          THE BLUE LYON